Saturday, April 13, 2013

Brief Update

  • Pray that we exit our current step with the adoption process SOON!!
  • I promise I am working on some tshirt ideas! It's been delayed for a few reasons but I haven't forgotten for those of you who are interested.
  • We originally were selling the blue/gray bracelets & keychains. We decided to go a different route and hand those out instead. The aqua blue bracelets will be given away (request one if you'd like) or sent with some tshirt orders. The gray key chains can be bought at cost which is $3.
  • The reason we changed our minds about those is because we decided to work with The Apparent Project. We can sell their bracelets and it would support not only our adoption, but a Haitian artist. We felt that supporting this ministry would help two causes at once. Each bracelet has a name & picture attached to it which would show you who you supported by purchasing the bracelet. Their statement is...
    "We are a market place designed to empower & market Haitian artisans in their work. We are officially endorsed by the Apparent Project, and are also working with other artisans in Haiti to make a difference in the lives of working families."-Market Haiti (where you can purchase Haitian goods)
  • The bracelets are made from cereal boxes, scrapbook paper, magazines & flyers, and connected with seed beads. *I will let you know soon possible ways to purchase these bracelets. I am looking into places to set up & sell them.Update:They are now available, contact me for details or to purchase!
  • This blog will be going private within the next few days. It will only stay private until we are very close to bringing out kiddo home. In order to post pics, and possibly more detailed updates, I am making it private in order to protect any information from here on out. Please email me at or contact me on Facebook if you want to view this blog. There is a Facebook page that will soon go private also & a place you can find updates as well. Anyone who has contacted me thus far is good to go. If you haven't, please do so soon. Thanks for your understanding! UPDATE: Blog privacy is on is still a public site! If you read this blog & aren't my "friend" on Facebook but would like details of adoption updates, please request via email ( Specific updates on our process and/or pics will NOT be posted on here until further notice. Thanks y'all!!
  • And FINALLY, we are probably 25-50ish pieces away from completing the puzzle. Not very many left! If you have mentioned you'd like some, please contact me now!! Pics to be posted THIS week so finish that puzzle ASAP!! ;) Update: Due to new regs with our adoption country, new pics will NOT be posted via blog until further notice. If you aren't a "friend" on Facebook, but contributed in any way to the Puzzle Fundraiser, please email me at!! Thanks!
This kid who likes to wear his pants on his head says to HURRY so he can show you his face! =)

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